Security Systems

IT Security

CNC partners with Cisco Systems, Nokia Checkpoint, Ironport Systems and Cyberoam UTM. As business grows corporate world’s vast interconnected network need to secure themselves from information theft, virus attacks and prevent information abuse that come from known and unknown sources.

Network security helps customers to trust doing business with organizations and we help in Securing your network to help build the trust, provide tranquility to network administrators and flourish your business.

We help to protect an organization by identifying, preventing and adapting to threats. We continuously monitor and enhance security in your network.

Surveillance Cameras (IP and Analog Based)

CNC provides a one-stop video surveillance solutions (both IP & Analog); From Network Cameras, Encoders, NVRs, Monitoring Software, Hardware NVRs, and Software NVRs (Recording Software). Based on cutting edge technology in the video surveillance industry, CCTV solution supports users with convenient & easy management and outstanding functions.

The system shall comprise of vandal resistant, fixed type internal colour camera with wall/ceiling mounting bracket, External colour / black and white cameras with fully functional pan tilt and zoom facilities, enclosed in vandal proof and weatherproof enclosure shall be provided for strategic internal & external areas. The system shall also comprise of DVRs with a minimum 500 GB hard disk size to several terabit Capacity, back-up capabilities and integrated CDRW or DVDRW, With high resolution monitors and control console.

Fire Alarm System

We are a pioneer in Fire Alarm installation. We are having a skilled team of Fire Alarm technicians and Engineers. We provide a Fire alarm System Design and Installation according to the International Standard and also meet the Local fire code and standard. We are well versed in Analogue addressable system and also conventional systems.

Conventional system is the traditional method of fire detection, it is having a zone type of fire detection with the 20 number of devices in each loop. It cover’s a small complex or residential area of Fire detection.

Addressable system is to be provided covering all the areas of concern. All the system have unique address .The system will comprise of several loops covering independently the technical and back of house areas and the guest rooms and public areas.

The fire alarm panel shall be networkable and shall have an optional inbuilt printer on it to print all log events.

The main fire alarm shall be able to accommodate a maximum of 8 loops with each loop capable of accommodating a maximum of 126 analogue addressable devices including smoke detectors, heat detectors, smoke detectors complete with base sounders, manual call point, loop powered sounders and loop powered interface modules. We provide 1,2,4,6 loops panel according to the site and the client requirement.